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The Doobie Brothers - 50th Anniversary World Tour

Prize(s) Winners in Live Design Lighting / Theater Performance Design
Company The Darkroom Creative
Lead Designers Nathan Alves & Seth Jackson
Client DooBro, Inc
Photo Credits The Darkroom Creative
Other Credits Lighting & Video equipment provided by Solotech, Inc
Completion Date Tour started June 2021
Project Location Worldwide tour
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Entry Description

How do you light a band that has been around for fifty years, had 32 various members, and a catalog of hits covering every musical genre? This was our task in lighting the legendary Doobie Brothers as they launched on a multi-year global tour stretching from the summer of 2021 through the end of 2023. The most dominant period of the Doobie Brothers were the late 1970s. We chose to use today's technology to create an homage to the shows of that period. Wash fixtures were grouped to resemble the double hung truss of Par 64s that were ubiquitous at the time. Automated spot fixtures were used to mimic Lekos and specials. We did a great deal of research in the period and chose color combinations rooted in deep saturation cut through with lighter tones. At the heart of the design was the cueing structure. Doobie Brothers songs are complex, often changing tempos and time signatures over lenghthy progressions. In addition, the show would be clocking in at nearly three hours. This required a great deal of attention in crafting a dramatic arc to the visual design. There would be a clear beginning, middle, and end to the overall show, while still addressing the mood and atmosphere of each piece of music. Despite a rig of entirely automated fixtures, movements were focused and deliberate, as if seeing a light move was something nobody had seen before. The impact was powerful.
Company Description

A live event design and creative direction firm specializing in live concert touring, providing scenic, lighting, video content creation, and show direction. At the helm are Nathan Alves and Seth Jackson, both industry veterans with over fifty years of experience. Clients for 2022 include Walker Hayes, The Doobie Brothers, and Barry Manilow (including the continuation of his 15 year Vegas residency).