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Breaking the Castle

Prize(s) Winners in Theater Performance Design
Company GCLX Production Lighting
Lead Designers Gerry Corcoran
Client The Street Theatre
Photo Credits Gerry Corcoran, Shelly Higgs, Peter Cook
Completion Date 09/04/2022
Project Location Canberra & Parramatta, Sydney
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Entry Description

Breaking the Castle is one mans journey of surviving addiction. The piece travels through various timelines and locations. The static monolith centre piece allowed transformations from bedroom to street to rehab.
The lighting design allowed for these multiple locations both real and abstract as we venture into the world of the junkie/alcoholic, actor/performer, reveal childhood trauma, all referencing back to rehab.
Colorful in places, stark in others. The piece offered lots of opportunity to play with layers of light, often at very low intensity.
Two Clay Paky Alpha 700 moving heads worked tirelessly throughout the 90 minute show as specials, effects and wash. A raft of LED Pars gave strong color side-light with the remainder of the rig consisting of generic fresnel's, profiles and Par56's.