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Prize(s) Winners in Theater Performance Design
Company EO project
Lead Designers Jésica Elizondo
Client MO+
Photo Credits Carlos Alvar
Other Credits Choreography: Melva Olivas Conceptualization of Space: Jésica Elizondo
Completion Date March 2020
Project Location Mexico City
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Entry Description

ROADTRIP is a playful piece made by a group of young people who seek to define the concept of freedom through play, love, gaze, wonder, improvisation and all possible forms that allows them to travel to that place called self-knowledge.

From four scenes with funny, absurd moments and constant action, ROADTRIP explores the human perceptions through light, sound and movementthe, the relationship that exists between the produced by a body in complete freedom and the space, under a choreographic premise: Belong to the game.
Company Description

Stage lighting artist, born in Mexico City. She likes to think of her work as part of an investigation of the processes of transformation and enabling space-time in the living arts. Her work focuses on space conceptualization and light creation with special interest in other types of bodies that contain choreographic knowledge. LIT LIGHTING DESIGN AWARDS WINNER 2021, runner up at The WIL Award 2021, honorable Mention LIT Lighting Design Awards 2020 and three-time winner of the Best Lighting Design of the National Prize for Contemporary Choreographic Creation in 2019, 2011 and 2008.