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Beijing Ploy Metropolitan

Prize(s) Winners in Energy Saving Lighting
Company brandston partnership inc.
Lead Designers Thomas Lee
Other Designer's names Lancy Chen, Zhen Chen, Summer Kang, He Zhu, Na li
Architecture Company GP
Client Poly Development
Photo Credits Poly Development, Webb Deco, GP Architect
Completion Date 2021.08
Project Location No.156,Xinhua North Street,Tongzhou District,Beijing,China
Entry Description
Beijing Ploy Metropolitan is located in the CBD core area of Tongzhou district, the sub-center of Beijing,where Wenyu river and Tonghui river meet together.
Ripples are used as a design element to create an intimate connection between the urban building and the natural environment.The lighting design aims to reflect the richness and harmony of urban life with concise language.
The design of the building skin is graded, and the building facade facing the city is expressed as a complex corrugated folding plate pattern, with a strong sense of order.
Undulating curtain wall folding plate, in the light set off, like a flock of salmon, continuously leap out of migration, against the darkness, full of infinite vitality.
Tongzhou CBD, the east gateway of Beijing, a window of the city is open to the future. Light of rhythm, showing the trajectory of architectural design and urban development.
Through experiments, the lighting design reduces the brightness of the front view, controls the direction of the light, and reduces the reflection problem on the metal aluminum plate. 
This is the only way we lit up the building. It's consumes less than 2.2 W/m2 of electric power, even running lower than 1.0W/m2, but an appropriate façade lighting effect.
With the most concise lamps and lighting fixtures, to achieve the perfect integration of green environmental protection and architectural level.