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Casa El Pinar

Prize(s) Winners in Energy Saving Lighting / Residential Lighting
Company ILWT
Lead Designers Mike Vega
Other Designer's names Paola Maria Rodriguez del Valle, Claudia Camarena, Xavier Delgado
Architecture Company Taller Paralelo
Interior Design Company Taller Paralelo
Photo Credits Rafael Gamo, Mike Vega
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Rancho Avandaro, Valle de Bravo, Estado de Mexico, Mexico
Entry Description

Casa el Pinar is a small house in the middle of the woods located in the State of Mexico in a very well known place for people who live in the city and like to spend time in the nature. Because of its location the architects wanted to integrate sustainable strategies such as designing the structure with wood, rain water harvesting, waste water treatment, landscape design using local plants and flowers, and contacted us for lighting design. in my firm we are very worried about our impact on wild life because of what we do and also the impact we generate to dark skies, so accordingly to the site we concentrated on this two factors to start our proposal. First of all we decided not to light the exterior areas but only the house so we don't disturb nocturnal animals or the ones sleeping at night. For the interiors we decided to use only 2700K and 90% indirect lighting to avoid glare for animals and also confort in all the areas of the house for the final client. For this project we designed 95 percent of the lighting fixtures, we love lighting to be integrated with architecture so we always try to design objects to integrate different lighting sources and make them fit perfectly with architecture so the lighting objects do not look like accesories but as a whole together with architecture.
Company Description

We are a mexican lighting design firm that for 6 years have worked with many well known architects and interior designers to work together as an aesthetic and functional complement for their concepts and development of their designs. Our work is based in the use of lighting as a fundamental part of architectural design on generating comfortable atmospheres talking about aesthetics, functionality and energy consumption.