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Illuminated "Enfold" Sculpture

Prize(s) Winners in Spectrum Lighting
Company Loisos + Ubbelohde
Lead Designers Abe Shameson
Other Designer's names Ibone Santiago
Architecture Company Shubin Donaldson
Client Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin
Photo Credits Janet Echelman, Alex McCave, Bruce Heavin, Clayton Binkley, Lynda Weinman
Other Credits Janet Echelman (artist), William Sammons (programmer)
Completion Date April 2022
Project Location Montecito, CA
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Entry Description

Designed for the Gallery space of the Hill House, Enfold is a suspended net sculpture, filling the volume bounded by glass curtain walls and a curving plane that is both ceiling and floor. The piece is visible from many vantage points, from above and below, interior and exterior, and the stair that sweeps through it. Quiet and beautiful in daylight, Enfold anchors the night-time experience of the house, continually transforming with dynamic lighting.
In close collaboration, the artist and lighting team scripted a color lighting sequence that transforms color and space, foreground and background. DMX controls are programmed for a multi-hour dynamic show, bringing the sculpture to life at sunset and putting it to bed at midnight. Twenty-three 7-color chip theatrical spots are fixed and mounted on vertical pipes tucked between flanges of steel columns. These are sequenced with slowly changing color to create a sense that the sculpture is in motion.
The fixtures are positioned and aimed to illuminate the entire piece, but without glare from the interior or from the adjacent exterior entry bridge or courtyard. Barn doors allow the fixtures to illuminate the bottom of the sculpture while avoiding distracting hot spots on the floor. The illumination of each fixture is programmed to come on, ramp up or dim down while also changing color in a choreographed dance with shifting shadows.