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New light for the Sentinel of the sea

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company essequadro | p architettura
Lead Designers Michele Schintu
Client Comune di Bari Sardo
Photo Credits Studio vetroblu - Stefano Ferrando
Completion Date 02-2022
Project Location Comune di Bari Sardo, Sardinia, Italy
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Entry Description
The Torre di Bari Sardo stands on a suggestive small promontory on the sea, its construction dates back to 1572 and was built to defend the territory from continuous looting by Saracen pirates, as well as all the other towers on the coast of Sardinia. The lighting design project focused on the creation of a soft, elegant light, capable of enveloping the entire monument in a homogeneous way, leaving only the staircase (recently built following a restoration) in dim light. The lighting approach also involves concentrating the luminous flux within the silhouette of the tower. The project was based on the reduction of light pollution, on the creation of basalt caps to hide and screen the lighting bodies, and on the highlighting of the whole tower with a custom RGBW system with 3000K white, capable of being managed via bluetooth. In addition to the volume of the tower, the openings in the windows and the entrance to the tower were also highlighted. Finally, in a more theatrical way, the two cannons on the sides of the Tower were also illuminated with a very delicate, punctual and almost zenithal light. The perfect control of the light beams allows you to fully enjoy the starry sky.
Company Description
essequadro |p is an architecture and lighting design studio based in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy. The studio has been working in the field of lighting design for several years, both for private and public clients. In recent years, the projects have focused in particular on architectural aspects and cultural heritage. The studio has worked and is collaborating with the Italian ministry of culture for the lighting of archaeological areas, monuments and museums in Sardinia Region. It also continues to work and collaborate for private clients in the field of retail, private homes and new buildings.