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Chaharbagh School

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company Behin Lighting
Lead Designers Niloofar Behnia
Other Designer's names Masood Heidari/ Hossein Shahparifard
Client Isfahan 3th District municipality
Photo Credits Negar Sedighi
Completion Date January 2022
Project Location Chaharbagh Abasi Street, Isfahan, Iran
Entry Description
Chaharbagh School, is the last magnificent historical monument of the Safavid era in Isfahan, is located on the eastern side of Chaharbagh street.
The unique charm of this school starts from its entrance. The entrance gate with its artistic and delicate tiling, the Nastaliq inscription on the blue tiles, and the marble platforms next to the entrance door convey the pleasant feeling of traditional architecture.
Given the depiction of the richly patterned Muqarnas, which has compounded the luxury and splendor of the entrance, the linear lights are placed in a marble box with a length of 340, a width of 18, and a height of 8 cm, according to the material of the entrance platform and in order not to damage the historic stones of the fa├žade, the new material is connected to the existing body by foam insulation that is placed in the space between the two materials. Also, to achieve uniform illumination of the entrance and reduce glare, light sources with asymmetric light distribution with a deviation of 20 degrees from the horizon axis with a color temperature of 5000K.
The color of the light sources has been chosen to emphasize and harmonize with the material and color in each section. For this reason, the light color temperature for lighting on the first floor is 2700 Kelvin(warm white range)and the color temperature of the second floor is 4000 Kelvin(cold white range).