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Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting / Spectrum Lighting
Company Liska
Lead Designers Örn Erlendsson, Guðjón L. Sigurðsson
Other Designer's names Katerina Blahutova, Steinunn Harpa Einarsdóttir, Erling Þorgrímsson
Client Hallgrímskirkja
Photo Credits Örn Erlendsson
Other Credits Fagraf, Ískraft, Erco, Casambi, Luxor, Griven, Pharos
Completion Date October 2022
Project Location Reykjavík, Iceland
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Entry Description

Hallgrímskirkja is one of Iceland’s most important landmarks and icons. The building is not only a place of worship, but also a hub hosting cultural events. A smart wireless lighting ecosystem was designed and installed in 2022. Automatic lighting cycles save energy in the Nordic conditions and allow for application of human centric lighting (HCL). With respect to its architectural heritage and functionality during service and opening hours, lighting offers breath-taking scenes for contemplation or cultural events. Lighting scenes give depth, dimension, optically broaden the church during community events or emphasize verticality in spiritual events. Warm downlight compliments wooden furnishing and creates a comforting atmosphere. RGBW lights in vaults and corridors strengthen architectural features, in combination with tuneable white (TW) to introduce HCL. Individual control offers endless creative options during events as well as use of liturgical colours throughout the year. The altar is illuminated by TW spotlights, standing out regardless of the colour of other lights. TW front- and RGBW backlight of the organ engage in a shadowplay changing with temperature and colour. Externally, the façade acts as a display of engagement in religious and national celebrations or international movements. Harmony is achieved by dialogue between the wireless indoor and outdoor DMX lights.
Company Description

"Liska"="chromaticity"(IS). Liska is a lighting design practice with 30-year experience in domestic and international projects of various shape, size, and form. The team is committed to achieving design improving life via interaction with architecture and space by maintaining balance between function, aesthetics and sustainability. Liska uses strategies of Nordic Lighting Design (NLD) and has been developing the concept. Human Centric concept is the main factor in NLD. Different factors as respect for heritage, holistic approach that takes into account ecology, aesthetics and space perception.