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Lighting Design for UNESCO World Heritage Site of Brihadeshwara Temple, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu,India

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company Lucent Worldwide
Lead Designers Sarvdeep Basur, IALD
Client Indian Oil Foundation
Photo Credits Ar. Harshan Thomson
Other Credits Signify Innovations India limited through Midas Electricals Pvt. Ltd
Completion Date 07.03.2021
Project Location Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
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Entry Description

The Brihadeshwara Temple is a UNESCO world heritage site, constructed in the 11th century, and is an example of stunning South Indian temple architecture. Dedicated to Lord Shiva - in the dancing pose of Natarajan, the mammoth and magnificent architecture that is carved out of 130,000 tons of granite, is also the first all-granite temple in the world, and the fact that granites are not available within a 100-mile radius of the temple only demonstrates its innate brilliance. Interestingly, the structure is built in such a way that the temple casts no shadow on the ground when the sun is at its peak.
Lighting a 1000+ year old complex requires a balanced approach ensuring curated celebration of rich elements and recreating the grandeur of the temple’s daytime vision through artificial lighting. While designing this world UNESCO heritage site is to keep the luminaries invisible from public view as much as possible and let the light do the magic. An enchanting vision, the temple beams up as empyrean tower with glittering, warm lighting, revealing it as refreshed opportunity for night tourism. Special efforts have been made to minimize the light pollution of any kind.
Company Description

Lucent Worldwide is one of the leading Lighting Design firms in Asia established in 2002. Which has worked on and is working on many large projects in India, China, Africa, and the Middle East. So far, Lucent Worldwide has proudly completed more than 6000 beautiful properties across the globe. which includes a wide range of projects; from some of the world’s best hotels, Large Townships, High-rise buildings, Commercial Complexes, and Large Homes & Villas, to Monuments and Heritage buildings, etc. We are also into product design (Architectural and Decorative lighting fixtures).