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Renewal of Jiaxing ancient city

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company IGE Lighting Design
Lead Designers Ma Renkai
Other Designer's names Yu Lingling
Client Jiaxing City Investment Development Group Co., Ltd
Completion Date 2021.7
Project Location Jiaxing, China
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Entry Description

Jiaxing old city covers an area of 3.4 square kilometers, with a history of nearly 1800 years and rich historical and cultural resources. In 2019, the plan of "enjoying the ancient city slowly" was implemented.

In urban renewal, there are both protection and reconstruction. Cultures of different times overlap and coexist, reflecting a sense of hierarchy, inclusiveness and sustainable development. While deeply excavating human resources, it also promotes urban cultural renaissance and creates a historical and cultural axis.

The numerous historical landscapes along the ancient canal are connected, and the novel interactive light and shadow art is used to present the scenery and charm of Jiangnan Water Town at night. Houshi commercial district continues the historical context of the old city, integrates fashion elements, displays the charm of international level, and forms a complete north-south axis and historical landscape corridor of the old city.

The project not only preserves the cultural history of Jiaxing and highlights the charm of Jiangnan, but also revitalizes the vitality and economy of this modern city and improves the quality of urban living environment.