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Goco spa @ Daios cove

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel Lighting / Interior Architectural Illumination
Company IFI architectural lighting works
Lead Designers Georgios Anagnostakis
Other Designer's names Marianthi Toni
Interior Design Company Elastic architects
Client Daios cove
Photo Credits Gavriil Papadiotis
Completion Date June 2022
Project Location Crete
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Entry Description

Kepos/ kípos
Ancient and Modern Greek word meaning ‘garden, oasis, sanctuary’
The complete redesign of the DAIOS cove spa was treated as complete re-imagining of what a spa can provide, the creation of a holistic experience following the footsteps of Goco spa doctrine.
The low stone insert that runs the totality of the project together with the warm linear light that accompanies it, sets the tone of the whole project blending modern linear elements with the earthy stone.
Extensive cove lighting is used to introduce an element of openness to the space bringing the feeling of a large cave, but in a more refined implementation.
In the reception the white amphora – inspired elements dominate the area and are treated with an array of wallwashing lights that bring out their shape and texture.
Decorative lighting elements are kept to a minimum to give space to a calmer space approach. With a striking exception being the glass sconces that signify the treatment rooms.
The lighting scheme of the project focuses on the experience of the user, the architectural space and the path the user follows from the moment he/she enters the spa till reaching the treatment room.
We wanted the user to feel welcoming but also part of a unique experience, a sui generis initiation process to the beneficial properties of a spa treatment and maybe those of lighting.
Company Description

IFI is a lighting design studio established in 1989 in Athens to meet the demands of complex lighting projects. Innovators from the start, the team of designers, engineers and architects, were committed to the approach that lighting design is an integral part of the architectural vision. The result was the first lighting study design studio in Greece. Today IFI is a highly regarded lighting design firm with a broad portfolio of projects in di?erent scales, realized both in Greece and abroad.