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ByteDance Corporate Offices Renovation, Beijing

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Enlighten Lighting Design Co.,Ltd
Lead Designers Yang XiaoMing
Interior Design Company GBBN Architects
Client ByteDance
Photo Credits GBBN Architects, Enlighten Lighting Design
Completion Date 2020-11
Project Location Beijing
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Entry Description

Lobby usually stands for the enterprise image. So how to create a visual impact of youth and vitality becomes an important task of lighting design. Different from ordinary office lobbies, we created the contrast of different layers and the reflection of vivid materials by light, which leaves people with great impression.

To create a pleasant spatial experience, the sunlight, skylight and artificial light are well designed, applied and integrated. A layer of low purity color like mist appears, which makes the office elegant and huge. It enriches people’s visual experience and guides the directions at the same time.

To us, future intelligent lighting should be human-oriented, which cares every one’s emotion and feeling. It should be just as intelligent as Baymax in the movie of Big Hero. The whole office lighting system is like a huge organic organism, each cell of which can be controlled independently. It can respond actively to people’s personalized needs.

In order to get the LEED Green Building Approval,Energy-Saving has been applied to the extreme. With only 0.006 kwh for each area,even if a person works 10 hours a day, 1 kw hour is enough to last at least three weeks.
Company Description

Enlighten is a professional designing service institute taking “light” as the core business. It has been committed to improve the artistic value and recognition of light in the social lives ever since its establishment.Its service takes the traditional commercial building, urban landscape, hotel indoor light designing as the foundation and extends gradually towards the cultural tourism, light art designing training and nigh scene video produce.

It makes use abundant and diversified approaches which are more easily to be percept to make people acknowledge,understand enjoy light.