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Jiangsu Dongtai Library

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Shanghai Bozong Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Yewei Wu
Other Designer's names Ted ? Cherry
Entry Description

Different lighting methods developed with different spatial forms serve as the source of spatial lighting. We should extend the expression method which imbeds lamps in buildings to the interior so as to create different and simple spatial lighting, as well as corresponding shadows.

To make the lighting in the interior space of the library simple and environmental friendly, and strong in making shadows, we, based on the spatial characteristics of them, try to use the expression method which defines space by means of lighting. Take the hall as an example, whether the arc-shaped drawn films in the hall, or the acrylic materials in the connecting part, or the upright aluminum profiles with external corners are designed for the absence of hole-type lamps on the ceiling of the hall. On the bookshelves on both sides are even arranged with lamp bars at different locations to present the bookshelves and assist tourists in reading; moreover, the modelled glazing on the ceiling provides the space with unique tension and a strong force of expression.