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Mirai on “Nagasaki prefectural library and Omura city library, Omura city history museum”

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Illumination of City Environment
Lead Designers Masanobu Takeishi (ICE Inc.), Tomoyuki Ushigome, Takeshi Watanabe, Hiroshi Ishihara (AXS SATOW INC.)
Other Designer's names Nobuaki Sasaki (INTERMEDIA) ,Katsuyuki Sakoh (Okanoue Office)
Client Nagasaki Prefectural Government and Omura City
Photo Credits Photo No.1,3-7,10,11 Fumito Suzuki photo studio K.K. / Photo No.2,8,9 KAI NAKAMURA PHOTOGRAPHY
Completion Date January 2020
Project Location Nagasaki, Japan
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Entry Description

It is a public/private library newly built in Omura City, near Nagasaki Airport.
The issue for the lighting plan was to connect the landscape-like grand space extending under the six-story-high ceiling and human-scale space where users select books from the shelf and read them.
The grand roof, that can be seen from users anywhere, is lit up with upward lights from beside the glass sash on the 1st floor and indirect lights from the upper maintenance floor in order to secure brightness. No lighting apparatus is installed on the level of the ceiling of the grand roof, realizing both ease of maintenance and design beauty.
Lights necessary for the use of the library, including the search of books, reading, borrowing, and the movement of people, are ensured with small lights installed in positions near users, such as on the shelves, furniture, handrails and some parts of walls, to realize energy-saving effect and ensure task lights for multipurpose use of the space.
Especially, a functional light environment is prepared for shelves, important for searching books, by lighting the spines of books with glareless point lights of about 2W each, while also securing lights for walking.