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CR Land HDT Showroom

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Enlighten Lighting Design Co.,Ltd
Lead Designers Yang XiaoMing
Architecture Company anySCALE (Beijing) Architecture Design Consultants Co., Ltd
Interior Design Company anySCALE (Beijing) Architecture Design Consultants Co., Ltd
Client CR Land
Photo Credits anySCALE, Enlighten Lighting Design
Completion Date 2020-11
Project Location HaiDian District, BeiJing
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Entry Description

When the client decides to reopen this building and renovate the architecture, landscape and interior, our journey to bring a new life here started.

Usually, people would first prune the messy plants around them, but if you consider from lighting perspective, you will found the projection of plants were from outside to inside, swaying with the wind, and slowly changing shape and shades, and even color, which creates a unique scenery.

The glass curtain wall will naturally reflects the surrounding trees. By lighting up the large trees, the façade lighting automatically completed. With reflections, the whole building became part of the nature. After dusk, as the night deepens, the warm light from the interior slowly overflows and merges with the sunset glow of the branches. With light, the building is no longer a cold metal, but the spiritual core.

The interior adopts a minimalist style, mainly in light colors. The biggest surprise still comes from the shadow of the big tree on the curtain. Whenever the breeze blows, the leaves of the big tree start to sway slightly from one side,slowly affecting all the branches.Light may be the protagonist allowing people to embrace nature.
Company Description

Enlighten is a professional designing service institute taking “light” as the core business. It has been committed to improve the artistic value and recognition of light in the social lives ever since its establishment.Its service takes the traditional commercial building, urban landscape, hotel indoor light designing as the foundation and extends gradually towards the cultural tourism, light art designing training and nigh scene video produce.

It makes use abundant and diversified approaches which are more easily to be percept to make people acknowledge,understand enjoy light.