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Unique Love · land of dramas

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Beijing Leuchte Lighting Design Co.,Ltd
Lead Designers Wang hao
Other Designer's names Yu xiao dong , Gao xiang
Entry Description

The Theme of "Love" is explained from the three steps of reality, philosophy, and soul. "Unique Love-Land of Dramas” is the second director's work of " Unique" series after director Wang Chaoge's "Impression" series live performance and "Encore" series dramas of situational experience. Six theaters, such as the RuYue(Moon),RuXin(Heart),RuHua(Flowers),RuGe(Songs),RuGu(Past),RuYi(Wishs)are embedded and cultivated in the 3000 mu sea of Dutch flowers to interpret the poetry with love as the motif and explore the essence of life.