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Changzhou Tianhui Demonstration Area

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company tungsten studio
Lead Designers Zhong Ming, Rong Wu, Jiangxia Liu
Client Poly Real Estate
Entry Description

From a noisy city to a quiet place to live, you can feel the elegance of Jiangnan gardens in the winding and secluded streamline, and the introverted and luxurious place to live is gradually emerging as dark as willow trees and bright flowers in this project.

In the delicate and luxurious lighting atmosphere, the facade looks like a faint and translucent treasure box.The curved surface of champagne gold aluminum plate is warm and elegant against the light, making the building more slim and classic. Combined with the mirror water feature, the floating visual sense is formed. The facade metal grid is illuminated from the inside in the form of indirect light in the water.

The linear light like ribbon extends from the building facade to the corridor ceiling, which weakens the boundary of the space to a certain extent. The sales center, courtyard enclosed space, hall and living room are integrated into a continuous whole.

The two-story building adopts a double skin, with a tawny high reflective glass on the inside and a light champagne metal grid and tawny glass bricks on the outside. The delicate tawny glass brick refracts soft inner light and adds hazy beauty.