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Sparking Market

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company CosmoC Lighting, Ltd.
Lead Designers Ching-Yu Lin
Other Designer's names Chu, Ying-Chuan / Huang, Kuo-Chan
Architecture Company Atelier Or
Client Hsinchu City Government
Photo Credits Chao, Yu-Chen
Completion Date 2021.01.14
Project Location Hsinchu City
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Entry Description

On every holiday in the past, stands and stalls proliferated around the harbor. Makeshift stalls not only resulted in poor ventilation but became an eyesore, with smells of fresh catch and cooked foods intermingled, and all this brought about poor tourism quality. In line with the renovation project of the Hsinchu Fishing and Fishery Products Outlet Center, the Hsinchu City administration has specifically set up the Shimmering Waves Market right next to the center to accommodate the 74 vending stalls. The structure of the market features imagery of ocean waves and is constructed using concrete resistant to sea-wind erosion as well as heavy-duty wood. Its distinctive appearance itself is eye-catching. But in the evening, its ingenious lighting design accentuates the entire illumination environment with a totally different touch, making the building even more stunning.
The lighting design of the Shimmering Waves Market is not characterized by its number of lights but by ingenuous arrangements of them. To complement the open-concept main structure, the lighting is designed with an eye to straightforward sleekness rather than half-concealed beauty.
Company Description

CosmoC Lighting is an award winning architectural lighting design firm based in Taiwan.