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Kaohsiung Music Center

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company J.Y.Lighting Design
Lead Designers Tsung-Nan Yuan; Lan-Chin Liao; Chun-Yu Liu; Chia-Chen Chiu
Architecture Company Manuel Alvarez-Monteserín Lahoz; Habitech Architects
Client Kaohsiung City Government
Photo Credits J.Y. Lighting Design
Completion Date 2020-08-31
Project Location Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Entry Description

Kaohsiung, a harbor city since hundred years ago, its marine characters and development history gave birth to the exterior appearance of the architecture of the music center - the shape of coral, dolphin, whale, and wave. The façade lighting design enhances the architectural concept and transforms the lighting effects into the interrelationship between light and water – reflection, refraction, and diffusion. Blue lights up-wash effect is used on the side elevations of the whale-like performance hall to generate a mysterious atmosphere of the whale’s cruising. RGB led presents the colorful coral zone and the sparkling led dots at the edge of the eaves indicate a vivid scenario for the movement of the coral. The main visual focus – the wave zone is accentuated with its hexagon elements. The dynamic of the wave is manipulated through the lighting control system program. The lighting design conceives the waterfront feature of the site and revitalizes the nighttime landscape of the harbor. Let light roam in the harbor space like music, conducting a colorful vision as if we were under the sea.
Company Description

J.Y. Lighting Design was established in 1999. We’ve accomplished more than 300 projects, the design scope includes urban lighting planning, architectural façade lighting, landscape lighting and interior lighting.
There are three main elements in our design guideline: new technology, environment and human beings. We always try to consider our design from different point of views and popularize the knowledge of lighting.