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Rongcheng Youth Centre

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Ning Field Lighting Design Corp., Ltd.
Lead Designers Dongning Wang
Other Designer's names Wei Guo; Honglei Wang; Junpan Ling; Jinlong Liang; Cheng Zhang; Kun Teng
Architecture Company China Architecture Design Group, Cuikai Studio
Client Rongcheng Caixin Investment Corp., Ltd.
Photo Credits China Architecture Design Group, Cuikai Studio; Ning Field Lighting Design Corp., Ltd. Kai Kang
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Rongcheng City, Shandong, China
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Entry Description

The concept behind Rongcheng Youth Centre lies in creating a space for discovery.

The façade is constructed from pale concrete and has round openings of different depths and dimensions. At night, the holes let out the light from the inside, attracting people's attention. Our façade lighting is composed of indoor and natural light in an integrated manner.

The lighting is inspired by the themes of water and mirror effects. The indoor light mixes with the mirrored ambient light, giving a romantic and charming concept of the mirror. Following the light like scattered water droplets, you will find the entrance.

We want to highlight the arched space hidden in the depths instead of traditional façade floodlighting,ensuring the lights will not cancel out or compete with the starlight, people are still able to enjoy the beauty and peace of the serene night sky, even in big cities.

All functional areas are connected on the ground floor with lighting concepts linked. Each traffic flow is not equipped with the commonly overhead lighting, and as a result, your sight will not be suppressed when roaming, and you definitely could fully experience a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.
Company Description

Ning Field Lighting Design Founder/Chief Creative Director;
United Artists Lighting Design Founder/Chief Creative Director;
Professional Member of IALD
Member of IESNA;
Member of China Illuminating Engineering Society;
Member of Interior Lighting Committee;
China Arts Architecture Design & Research Institute: VP and Director of Lighting Design Research Center;
Architecture and Culture Society of China: Director of Lighting Art Committe
Executive Manager of 3rd Administrative Council;