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Langjiu Jingtiantai

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company brandston partnership inc.
Lead Designers Sony Wang
Other Designer's names Meng Chen, Qiangning Jiang, Xinyu Li, Haoyu Liu
Architecture Company Zone Of Utopia, Mathieu Forest architecte, Lin Xiaoguang Studio
Interior Design Company Zone Of Utopia, Mathieu Forest architecte, Lin Xiaoguang Studio
Client Sichuan Langjiu Co., Ltd
Photo Credits Li Zhou
Completion Date 2022/8/1
Project Location Lang Liquor Manor, Er Lang Town, Gulin, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, China
Entry Description
Jingtiantai is the exclusive exhibition and tasting center of the constellation wine in Langjiu Manor, with a building area of 2300 square meters, located at the upper end of the cliff of Erlang Tianbao Peak. The architectural design skillfully integrates space, nature, and humanity. Jingtiantai is a great viewpoint of the Langjiu Manor, which overlooks the surrounding area and the Chishui River. Luminous fixtures are hidden below people's horizontal line of sight, reduce the negative impact on the observation of natural scenery, and form a unique architectural personality and experience that "reflects the sky and the earth, floats on the top of mountains, grows on the earth, and walks on the edge of stars and clouds".

The plain concrete with natural texture and the delicate mirror surface of stainless steel are used indoors to form a great contrast of space feeling. Decorative pendant fixtures incorporate the twelve constellations culture into the design of the space. Constellation pendant fixtures on the ceiling correspond to the cultural symbol on the tabletop of the display desk. The lighting design highlights the constellation pendant fixtures that integrate the "constellation culture" into the interior lighting design. A unique constellation wine display and tasting area is created, which showcases the company's culture and promotes Langjiu spirit.