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Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Beijing Puri Lighting Design
Lead Designers Fang Hu
Client China Railway Construction Corporation Limited
Completion Date 05/2021-09/2021
Project Location Nanming District, Guiyang city, Guizhou Province, China
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Entry Description

The building is like an aircraft in shape, with "feather wings" extending into the air and a space cavity like a crystal for people to move around. We emphasize the elegance of the "feather wings" with the small floodlights hidden on the curtain wall. With the input of the dynamic program, the light is like clouds and water flowing everywhere, while the "feather wings" waving in the air.

The lamps are set between the ribs, so that the rising wings will be more vivid and gentle under the rendering of light and shadow.

On the curved ceiling, we render the space with the most restrained and concise way, and interpret this way with a lot of reflected lights. This is the same technique we used to render the "wings" on the facade. We also used the same technique to express the "rib" structure inside the cavity. The "rib" of the unified rhythm is more rhythmic under the rendering of light.

The circular corridor is like a time-space tunnel, deep and full of mystery. It is composed of layers of vertical structures. Stepping inside, you will immerse in an infinitely profound atmosphere. This immersive lighting experience is exactly what we want to create in this space.
Company Description

Beijing Purilighting Company, at the establishment of 2010, is a professional consulting company specialized in light environment research, serving in many lighting professional fields such as architectural lighting design, indoor lighting design, landscape lighting design, urban lighting planning, etc., and providing professional light environment consulting services to customers.

Purilighting has always been based on the idea of creating a high-grade light environment and has won many international and domestic lighting design awards such as Asian Lighting Design Award and China Lighting