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Vanke Fenghua Jinming

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Eastco Lighting Design (Shangh
Lead Designers Yuan Zhen
Other Designer's names Luo Chen
Client VANKE
Photo Credits ELD
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Entry Description
The lighting design of Vanke Fenghua Jinming demonstration area shows the image of the residential building, reflects the connection between the project and the city, and provides residents with a comfortable night lighting experience. 
The lighting is creatively designed according to different functions with different brightness, which guide the owner’s focus and form a different night lighting experience. The lighting design aims to fully display the design language of architecture and landscape, and form different lighting atmospheres of "door", "hall" and "meeting room".
The photo gallery, inspired by the Apple flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York, builds a "Crystal Beacon" to achieve the nighttime lighting effect for suspension, purity, and spiritual fortress, which is different from the surrounding lighting effects.
Corridor lighting is a three-dimensional effect based on secondary design, which shows the characteristics of different sections of the corridor from building walls, columns and grids. Through lighting, a three-dimensional effect is created to create a streamer and silhouette corridor lighting effect.
Company Description
Established in 2013,Eastco Illuminating Design (Shanghai) co., LTD. has a professional Illuminating design team familiar with visual arts, architectural lighting design, landscape design, indoor lighting design and electrical design.