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Gubbängen transformer station

Prize(s) Winners in Bridges and Public infrastructures Lighting / Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Sweco Sverige AB/Sweco Architects
Lead Designers Cecilia Söderström, Effrosyni Stragali and Simon Nyström
Other Designer's names Andreas Lebisch, Kent Wiklund, Peter Jurmala and Christian Soto Garcia
Architecture Company Sweco Architects
Client Ellevio
Photo Credits Måns Berg
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Stockholm, Gubbängen
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Entry Description

Infrastructure facilities are a natural and necessary part of public space, and special care should be given to their design, allowing them to express proudly their function in the urban landscape. The transformer station in Gubbängen, in the southern suburbs of Stockholm, exemplifies how lighting can be used to transform an otherwise mundane structure into a building with extraordinary presence.
The building was designed by Sweco architects in a process that featured close and continuous cooperation between architects and lighting designers.
The structure is built in a polished frame of light- coloured precast concrete. To this is attached a screen of perforated gold-coloured aluminium cassettes in the shape of a shallow pyramid, which gives a visual depth to the façade. The perforation in the plates is irregular per mounting cassette.
The building glows warmly in the evenings through the interaction between the building's volumes. Light fixtures attached at the eaves, washing the space between the outer shell and the concrete of the building structure. Light penetrates through the perforations and the interstices between panels. The glossy light concrete in turn enhances the light reflected on the back of the gold-coloured plates. Overall, the building contributes to a sense of increased security and a warmth in the area at night, along with a glowing, magical dimension.
Company Description

Sweco is a leading international architecture firm with broad experience in architecture, design, urban planning and construction.
We act in small teams to ensure professional excellence in every project. We are founded on the idea, that life is more important than monuments. With a focus on materials, light, people and context we strive to create ideal environments to live, work and thrive in.