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Opus China

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company RDesign International Lighting
Lead Designers Guojian Hu
Other Designer's names Hongbo Qiang&Cong Zhou&Xiangxue Ji
Architecture Company Zhejiang Qingmo Engineering & Exploration Design Co.,Ltd
Interior Design Company MANS
Client C&D Real Estate Corporation Limited
Photo Credits Schranimage
Completion Date 2022.3
Project Location Hangzhou
Entry Description

The lights are designed following the principle of“dignified, elegant,quiet”,and matched with traditional household of construction developer.The scene of four seasons can be enjoyed by gradually moving the steps by first entrance,second entrance and third entrance.In order to restore the beauty of Anhui style of project,the lighting design is mainly focused on the Xieshan Gate on the central axis and matched with magpie tail ridges flying light on both sides of Xieshan Gate,creating a strong comparison between brightness and darkness.Through simple wall washer lights and inground lights,the Ma Tau Wall that falls down on both sides form an ink painting integrated with landscape.At the second entrance,the traditional roof shape is enhanced by lighting,the sense of spatial hierarchy is formed combining with Ma Tau Walls which are well-arranged.And the appropriate blank inspires unlimited imagination.Responding to the overall architecture, the lighting is mainly focused on enhancing roof ridge corner and mountain flower.A diversified and dense natural landscape painting is revealed by combining with continuous Ma Tau Wallas and grid corridor.
Company Description

RDesign International Lighting is a global leading creative architectural consultancy company, founded in 2012 and has offices in Shanghai, Hong kong and New York. The completed projects by team were often honored internationally each year.
We provide lighting design services for projects in various fields, such as overall urban planning, high-rise complex building development, and customized art installation for transportation hubs, hotels and exhibitions.