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Jiaxing Train Station

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Ning Field Lighting Design Corp., Ltd.
Lead Designers Dongning Wang
Other Designer's names Yansong Ma,Qun Dang,Yosuke Hayano,Huiying Liu,Wei Guo,Jincang Yu,Zhen Wang,Lihua Zhou,Zhanguo Liu
Architecture Company MAD Architects
Interior Design Company Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Decoration & Landscape Design Research Institute Co
Client Jiaxing Modernservice Industry Development & Investment (Group) Co
Photo Credits CreatAR Images, Aogvisio, ArchExist
Other Credits Executive architects: Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co, China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Jiaxing, China
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Entry Description

Jiaxing railway station was completed in 1909, bombed in 1937, deadly destroyed. In tribute to history, an old station building was reproduced according to its original construction details. Adjacent to the reconstruction station building is the “floating” metal roof of the new station building. The entrance, passages and the waiting hall of the new station are all taken underground. To highlight its role as the meeting point of the past and future, the designers employ warm color and classical layouts for the old building, meanwhile, neutral white linear lights for the new one.

With one foot in the past and both eyes on the future, the station is aimed to set an aesthetic, ecological and humanistic benchmark for the site and further implementation of the master plan. The challenge of lighting design is how to make a tranquil and extensive place for people, in which new meets old, people slowdown and breathe the future.
Company Description

Ning Field Lighting Design Founder/Chief Creative Director;
United Artists Lighting Design Founder/Chief Creative Director;
Professional Member of IALD
Member of IESNA;
Member of China Illuminating Engineering Society;
Member of Interior Lighting Committee;
China Arts Architecture Design & Research Institute: VP and Director of Lighting Design Research Center;
Architecture and Culture Society of China: Director of Lighting Art Committe
Executive Manager of 3rd Administrative Council;