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Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company TORYO International Lighting Design Center
Lead Designers Dongliang Xu
Other Designer's names Yi Liu, Nian She, Heping Wu, Shiling Han, Jiongye He, Li Yuan
Architecture Company China Southwest Architectural Design and Reserch Institute Corp. LTD
Client Chengdu City Construction Investment & Management Group Co., Ltd.
Photo Credits Hongyi Lou
Completion Date Sep 2021
Project Location Chengdu, Si Chuan Province, China
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Entry Description

The roof, with an appearance of a lotus in water, has 4000k lights to make it look as though basking in the moonlight. Warm 3000k lighting sets off the bamboo veneer, penetrating outward from the interior with a sense of security.
The rich transition in lighting from the interior of the flower-like building to its “petals” (eaves) manifests exquisite spatial relationships. Lighting for the “stamens” (interior columns) of the building is especially prominent, lights of varying intensity along the glass walls highlighting the interior‘s gentle curves. The lighting does not directly illuminate the glass or columns, maintaining a light, transparent feeling. Lights on the ground warmly illuminate the protruding eaves, and white light above creates visual contrast and spatial transformation, making it look like two sides of a flower petal.
With a “moonlit” roof, warm light penetrating outward, and the reflection on the water, the building indeed seems to float sublimely like a lotus in a pond. As the illumination of the roof, walls, interior, and surrounding landscape can be adjusted, different expressions ranging from a flower in full bloom to quiet reservation may be produced.
Company Description

Founded in 2005 and based in Beijing, TORYO International Lighting Design Center (Lighting Design Integrated Qualification Class-A) is a professional design firm specializing in urban lighting planning and architectural lighting design. Led by Chief Designer Xu Dongliang, a passionate explorer of the lighting environment, TORYO has assembled a team of talented lighting designers across the country, accomplished many outstanding lighting projects, and obtained recognition both domestically and globally.