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Holland Casino Venlo

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination / LED Exterior Systems
Company MVSA Architects
Lead Designers Roberto Meyer
Other Designer's names Wouter Thijssen
Architecture Company MVSA Architects
Interior Design Company MVSA Architects
Client Holland Casino
Photo Credits Laurens Eggen, Corné Clemens, Barwerd van der Plas, Martijn Kort
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Holland Casino Venlo, Floralaan 7, Venlo, The Netherlands
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Entry Description

Holland Casino Venlo is an important calling card for the region, which is gaining momentum and both the casino and the city aspire to compete on an international level. It embodies two major design principles: sustainability and optimizing the user experience. A color-changing interactive façade provides a breath-taking light show during the darker hours.
The new Holland Casino is immediately recognizable, thanks to its bold, organic design and spectacularly interactive façade. Located next to a major road junction, the building offers an unforgettable experience for passers-by as well as casino visitors. The façade is made up of a grid of glass disks, alternating with a grid of smaller metal elements. These have a duotone coating, which means that the building changes color as the visitor moves around it. From the road, the casino becomes a chameleon, projecting a vibrant image during the day thanks to its richly colored surface. The large glass discs are equipped with LEDs. By night they illuminate the façade in a spectacular fashion, highlighting the flower-shaped structure of the casino architecture. The LED façade is fully dynamic and programmable, so can be adjusted to express different themes. Maximizing the user experience both during the day and at night was the most important point of departure for the design.