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Nantong Grand Theater

Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting
Company Tungsten Studio
Lead Designers Ming Zhong, Mengzhou Zhao, Xiaodan Liu, Yunfeng Huang
Other Designer's names BIAD & PAUL ANDREW, ARCHITECT
Completion Date 2021. 7
Project Location Nongtong, China
Entry Description

The design concept of the Grand Theater is "Qin Mountain and Pearl Water". The Grand Theater adopts an undulating roof along the lake side, and the shape is stretched and smooth, like two concert pianos, releasing melodious music. On the city side, there is a softly curved, white stage tower, like a light auspicious cloud, stopping on the shore of Zilang Lake, guiding pedestrians to the lake and showing them the beautiful and moving lakeshore landscape. The facade of roof the Grand Theater are irregular curved surfaces, the lighting fixture is integrated with the curtain wall, so from the bird view the fa├žade looks clean. Looking down from the air, the five halls are like five petals blooming on the shore of the Lake.The lighting planning strategy starts from the macro thinking of the overall innovation zone, takes planning characteristics and architectural genes as the main body, and uses lighting to bring out the unique features of the night. Especially for the Grand Theater, Art Gallery and the surrounding commercial spaces, from the aspect of integration and interaction, the lighting becomes a bond for the architects and landscape, activating the night of the city.