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Opteris Chandelier

Prize(s) Winners in Chandeliers
Company Opteris Studio
Lead Designers Charles Prograce
Photo Credits Vincent Prograce
Completion Date December 2020
Project Location Santa Cruz, CA
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Entry Description

The Opteris chandelier pays homage to the Tomopteris, a deep-sea creature. The fixture captivates and inspires its viewers through the appearance of graceful motion. Some think it resembles a Chinese dragon or a serpent from the Game of Thrones. Regardless, the fixture’s truly unique aesthetic invokes emotion and creative conversation. The fixture is composed of two parallel frames which are interwoven with 104 unique cherry wood fins which interlock on the frames. The frames exude light inward with LED lights which illuminates both the fixture and its surroundings. The design offers a completely asymmetrical and dynamic experience from all angles.
Company Description

Opteris Studio is a lighting and furniture studio offering fixtures that inspires us to live loud.