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Acropolis of Athens and Monuments

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company Eleftheria Deko & Associates
Lead Designers Eleftheria Deko
Client Onassis Foundation, Greek Ministry of Culture
Photo Credits Gavriil Papadiotis, Stelios Tzetzias
Completion Date 30/09/2020
Project Location Athens
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Entry Description

The Acropolis of Athens is one of the most important monuments of world culture. A living symbol that has stood the test of time, and one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.
On the 30th of September 2020, the new lighting of the Acropolis and its monuments, funded and supported by the Onassis Foundation, was unveiled to the world.

We approached the monuments first with respect. Before applying our thoughts on paper we observed the characteristics of this unique place, studied its history, the forms and materials, the visibility from different points of the city, and the significance of this landmark.

Our design approach was to highlight the beauty of the architecture, the timelessness of sculptures, the whiteness of the Pendelikon marble in contrast to the robustness of the Sacred rock, and the heroism of the fortification walls. We achieved the differentiation by the use of different focusing angles, differentiation of color temperatures, and of light intensity. Lastly, our lighting vision was to make the site look outstanding at night from multiple directions both up close and from afar, and bring new life into the monuments of the Acropolis.
Company Description

Eleftheria Deko and Associates is an award-winning lighting studio specializing in architectural lighting design, stage lighting, and event lighting. With an extensive experience in numerous and significant lighting projects, implemented in public and private spaces, the multidisciplinary team, provides integrated lighting solutions and design approaches that respond to the specific needs of diverse clients.