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Flying saucer disinfection lamp

Prize(s) Winners in Healthcare Lighting
University School of Future Design, Beijing Normal University
Lead Designers Di Lu
Client School of Future Design, Beijing Normal University
Other Credits The instructor is Min Wang.
Completion Date 2021/01
Project Location Zhu Hai
Entry Description

Flying saucer-like disinfection lamp reflects its scientific nature and shortens its distance with people by looking less distant and more adorable.
It is now a critical time in our battle against COVID-19, in addition to the work made by the government, it is urgent for every family unit to prevent infection.As a household disinfection product, flying saucer disinfection lamp not only ensures the disinfection, but also makes users feel "being at home" and "being close to people". It makes disinfection and sanitation the embodiment of beauty in people's lives and makes it easier for users to take the initiative to develop good health habits.
The exquisite modular structure allows no fastener in the assembly process, thus ensuring a low cost on manufacturing and transportation.The built-in warm color LED lamp can be a night light to set off the atmosphere during disinfection period, which brings the user friendly experience and prolongs the functional value of the product.