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Wood Halo

Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting / Hanging Lamps
University Chalmers University of Technology
Lead Designers Simon Dybeck
Completion Date Summer 2021
Project Location Gothenburg, Sweden
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Entry Description

This lamp is made out of Swedish birch that was bent by use of traditional sámi techniques to create a cylindrical lamp that can be dimmed, color-tuned and height adjusted. A diffuser is mounted between the two birch veneers to create a halo effect that reduces shadows and spreads the light evenly in an ergonomic way. The beautiful grains of the birch gives life to the luminaire even when the light is off or dimmed.

High quality LEDs and drivers render colors perfectly. The lamp is interactive with brightness and color tones that can be controlled manually or automated through an app. The red knob on the side is pushed to turn the lamp on or off while rotating it controls the brightness and color tone.

All wood materials and most energy-efficient electronics are sourced from Swedish forests and manufacturers to reduce environmental impacts while also promoting hand-made manufacturing of the wood lamp by local craftswomen or craftsmen.

This first fully functional product has a diameter of 350 mm but the concept can be custom built in various wood and plastics materials to achieve a different aesthetic and dimension according to the needs of the customer.