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Project Artaud

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination / Stage Lighting
University California College of The Arts
Lead Designers Jia Liu
Architecture Company California College of the Arts
Interior Design Company California College of the Arts
Completion Date 2021
Project Location San Francisco
Entry Description

This project focuses on developing a lighting design for Project ArtaudTheater in San Francisco.
The main design intention was to differentiate the qualities of lighting in different areas of the theater and to create a contrast between the performance and the public spaces.

The performance areas will be activated by colorful adjustable stage lights, creating a visually engaging interplay of light and shadows. These lights provide direct illumination and are supplemented with additional spotlights that penetrate mesh fabrics allowing the light to pass through and create dramatic shadows.
A designated performance area includes a simulation of the night sky. The walls and ceiling of the theater area are painted dark blue. The star pattern is created with the use of fiber optics.

The public areas will be provided with warm, evenly distributed lighting.
The architectural voids created by stretched fabrics will be illuminated with recessed, linear LEDs, creating a dynamic pattern that encourages movement and leads visitors into space.
The bar area will be dim to create a romantic atmosphere. For the task light, I incorporated glowing furniture.