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Prize(s) Winners in Illuminated Home Decor
Company Motylum s.r.o.
Lead Designers Roman Blahynka
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Entry Description
Kveto was created in connection with the growing trend of smart home solutions. As is widely accepted, lighting plays a great part in living space quality - just like indoor plants do. This soulution responds to both needs and the result is a smart centrepiece mood lamp which serves as a flowerpot. The delicately textured upper part encases the plant in light, while the contrasting rough concrete provides a solid base. The lamp can be controlled with a remote or through the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, using popular home automation bridging devices and mobile apps. This allows for full spectrum of colors, timing, voice control, fading and other functions. The plant container is conically shaped so that only a small portion is submerged in the water container and the soil can slowly wick the water up. The dimensions are roughly 20 x 20 x 20 cm. The base is hand-cast from concrete in a silicon mold. Planter components are 3D printed using recycled and recyclable PETG filaments, which offer great durability in contact with moisture while being food-safe.
Company Description
Motylum s.r.o. is a small workshop and online store in Brno, Czech Republic, whose first product was a handmade glowing bow tie, selling more than 5000 pieces around Europe since its international launch in 2019. While we create modern tech designer products, we strive to make our processes sustainable, for example by not using signle-use plastics in packaging, simplifying packaging and filtering and recycling process water.