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Sephora Halo

Prize(s) Winners in Street Lighting
Company Dw Windsor Ltd
Lead Designers Neil Parrot
Photo Credits DW Windsor
Completion Date 2021
Project Location United Kingdom
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Entry Description
With Sephora Halo, understated design meets high performance to deliver an architectural street lighting solution designed to enhance urban environments. Part of the Sephora family, the Smart City ready luminaire is defined by its distinctive circular ‘halo’ shape which challenges modern streetlighting conventions. For added versatility, Sephora Halo is offered in two unique styles; Radius providing a contemporary curved aesthetic, and Cubis which offers a clean, angular appearance.

Sephora Halo is available with Comfort and Performance light engines, offering flexibility to lighting professionals. Providing an optimal balance between performance and ambience, the Comfort light engine delivers diffused, homogeneous light with warmer colour temperatures offered as standard; perfect for human-focused applications, including city centres, retail parks and housing developments. Conversely, the Performance light engine has been optimised for traffic applications, with a focus on efficacy, delivering up to 16,000lm. Featuring the latest LEDs and advanced optics, the Performance light engine provides increased energy savings and is offered with a range of light distributions.