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Prize(s) Winners in Hanging Lamps
Company Aghdami Design
Lead Designers Ehsan Aghdami
Client Seoul Semiconductor Europe GmbH
Photo Credits Ehsan Aghdami
Project Location Germany
Entry Description

The design is inspired by Messier 104 Galaxy. Two circular aluminum light shells resemble the sombrero shape of the galaxy. They can be opened and closed by a sophisticated linear slider system, which is totally hidden inside of a wooden veneer pipe with metalcore. By adjusting the opening, you control the light intensity. The seamlessly sliding light shells act as efficient heat-sinks as well, increasing the lifespan of the high-watt LEDs significantly. Powered by the cutting-edge technology of Seoul Semiconductors’ Sunlike LED, renders the natural spectrum of our sun.

In summary, Messier provides an incredible experience through its natural and beautiful alignment. It illuminates your room with the fascination of the imagination of Spacetime.
Company Description
solving problems in a non-normal way!
Design is unpredictable way to a very predictable aim!