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Prize(s) Winners in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
Company Free designers house
Lead Designers Shahab Ghafari
Client Shahram Mohit
Photo Credits Iman Kimiaei
Other Credits Mehdi Shakouri
Completion Date 25 September 2021
Project Location Tehran, Iran
Entry Description

The floor lamp “Shamash” consists of three parts: a dome, a metal stand and a stone base. The head of the lamp consists of an integrated glass dome, which from the inside reaches a ceramic arched form that is connected to the glass shell with three pins. The arch is a mirror inside and out. The metal base is a tubular structure that rests on a stone cylinder from below, and is attached to the arch from above and acts as a support for the dome. In the middle of the metal base, two cylinders with a light source in them shoot light into the arch at a concentrated angle. The result of this reflection on ground is the formation of a geometric form of light that is a symbol of the Sun. Shamash is the ancient name of the Sun goddess in Mesopotamian civilization.