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Prize(s) Winners in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
Company LLC Playtec
Lead Designers Dmitry Korenkov
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Russia
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Entry Description
Contemporary product design delights with form and inspires. We will add technology to the form, to achieve new opportunities, we will optimize the space in the house by reducing the number of household appliances. Dedicated to the hot summer of 21 - AeroLight - a floor lamp fan. Illuminates and refreshes the room, saves space. Where do you need to store the ordinal fan when it will not be used? AeroLight is devoid of these problems. If you don’t need a fan, just don’t turn it on! Air is taken in from above and blown out through a slot in the cone under the lampshade. The cone automatically turns left and right, just like a conventional fan. The modular design AeroLight can be a fan, optionally become a heater (with a temperature sensor built into the control panel and heating the room is automated), or protect you from viruses with a UV germicidal air treatment unit. The main innovation is a combination of two items: a floor lamp and a fan. Unique floating remote control design that lifts it off the surface for easy grip. Store hooking onto the cutout in the lampshade. Combining appliances - more space at home, fewer consumer electronics waste, less recycling costs.