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ELEMENTS by InstaLighting GmbH

Prize(s) Winners in Innovative Lighting Design Software Applications
Company Tobias Link GmbH
Lead Designers Tobias Link
Other Designer's names Markus Höngen
Client InstaLighting GmbH
Photo Credits Christian Böhm, Tobias Link, Oliver Link, Florian Pfeffer
Completion Date 30.05.21
Project Location Germany
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Entry Description

Elements is the modular technology platform for maximum Requirements on light quality and flexibility in planning. a kit of Optics, light sources and electronics can be used to create high quality lighting tools configure for every imaginable application.

A lighting designer can now compose his own light distribution for each application.

To do this, he combines different beam angles in the form of microreflectors. This new generation of microreflectors is glare-free and is available in point and linear versions.

In the 2nd step he selects a light color, there is a wide range of light colors in different color temperatures from monochrome to tunalbe white or RGB.

In the 3rd step, he now selects his luminaire housing. Here there is a large selection which is constantly growing. What is unique here is that the light quality selected by the planner is now available for all applications, whether indoors or outdoors or under water, in the ceiling or in the floor.

Another unique feature is that each individual module of a luminaire can be controlled separately. For example, a luminaire with several different beam angles can be used to create a digitally controllable zoom.
Company Description

Tobias Link lighting design studio has been in business since 1991. We, Tobias and Oliver Link, are the faces behind it. With every new project we rely on what sets a good lighting designer apart – our many years of experience in the profession. We plan carefully to budget in line with the scale of building and with energy efficiency in mind, as we always keep up with new developments in technology. Thus the architect also benefits from our comprehensive, in-depth knowledge, which is also something that sets us apart from other specialist planners.