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Hanabi 2020

Prize(s) Winners in Outdoor Hanging Lights
Company Deep Origin Innovation Lab
Lead Designers Qinrong Liu
Other Designer's names Junyi Li, Xiangsheng Fang
Client Huaihai Street Property
Photo Credits Yu Gao
Other Credits Construction: Hongping Shuai, Li Xiao, Jiangyuan Wu Structure: Hangzhou Hengdesen Design
Completion Date 2020.12
Project Location Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
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Entry Description
Hanabi represents Japan's traditional aesthetics. To create the abstract representation of hanabi with the spherical floating light dots, a kernel shell is designed to fix the extension system of aluminum lighting pipes. Two layers of light sphere is created by the soft and fragile dot matrix. By introducing dynamic breathing effect, thousands of pipes and LEDs are integrated into a complex and everchanging form. The core shell is fabricated and the holes are precisely located with CNC. The maximum thickness of the shell is about 7 mm. The shell is supported by its inner structure skeleton, while the structure is directly connected with 8 stainless steel cables to the gateway frame.

The contrast between its visual sharpness and softness, and the two different faces of its vivid gesture at night and its fluffy figure during the daytime, brings an intertextual dialogue on its name: Hanabi 2020. The installation reminds us of not forgetting the pain the sharpness may bring, even when the light glows, our city still looks beautiful. Our wishes are also embedded in the meaning of Hanabi, that sorrow could pass away like fireworks, and only something shining remains in our memory.