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Saber Suspension

Prize(s) Winners in Outdoor Hanging Lights
Company Pureedge Lighting
Lead Designers Gregory Kay
Photo Credits PureEdge Lighting
Completion Date 04/13/2021
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Entry Description

Saber, the new USA patent-pending lighting system by PureEdge, takes architectural lighting to the next level by creating free-form lighting in outdoor spaces. LED rounded strips of light create soft, glare-free ambient illumination. Visually stimulating and housed within an unconventional silicone lens, PureEdge's Flexible Saber Line is Tension hung offering flexible installation and conceptual yet functional design. Saber bends Up and Down giving it the unique ability to traverse open spaces wall to wall, wall to ceiling, or floor to ceiling. The 0.75" wide round lens, offers superior color quality and performance while creating uniform illumination without pixilation. Offered in various color temperatures ranging from 2000K to 3500K, including two Warm Dim options of 2700K (27D) or 3000K (30D) and Tunable White (2K4K or 27K6). Using the latest in LED Technology Tunable White grants independent control for adjusting color temperature Available in RGB and RGB+White for design flexibility. Saber’s 3-dimensional, wet-listed, suspended stream of light provides ambient illumination in multiple color temperatures, as well as warm dim technology to help create a relaxing environment.
Company Description

PureEdge Lighting, founded in Chicago by Gregory Kay in 2004, manufactures architectural, low-voltage LED lighting systems for indoor and outdoor spaces that empower you to not only design your space, but also the fixtures you envision. Modern, innovative, and completely customizable, PureEdge Lighting creates architectural lighting solutions influenced by simplicity and elegance based on the principle that light affects human emotion. PureEdge is known for class 2 wiring, low-voltage lighting systems that are easy to install.