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Absorb I

Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company A-Light
Lead Designers A-Light Design Team
Completion Date August 25th, 2021
Project Location Oceanside, California
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Entry Description

Absorb I is a suspended luminaire with vertical acoustic panels that feature flanged profile design. Available in two and four-foot lengths, Absorb I luminaires enable designers to explore their creativity. Fixtures can be combined with a discreet joiner system hidden within the luminaire's felt for seamless designs. Continuous runs, squares or rectangles can be created using 90 or 180-degree angle joiners.

Designers can choose various light distributions to achieve the desired direct or indirect illumination. Absorb I's direct lighting delivers reduced glare. Indirect optics allow for efficient and controled light. Unlit versions are also available, ideal for applications where more sound absorption is required while maintaining design consistency within a space.

Thermoformed acoustic panels, available in four standard and 26 premium colors, enable designers to define a space or complement an existing aesthetic. The polyester felt panels, manufactured with recycled plastic bottles (PET), are 100% recyclable.
Company Description

At A-Light, we are passionate about the relationship between form and light. We strive to understand lighting’s contribution to architectural design intent and to develop high quality, energy efficient products that provide flexibility to the designer. A-Light combines advanced optical engineering with a deep understanding of architectural lighting to develop products that integrate into any space. A-Light’s luminaires have been specified in tens of thousands of projects throughout North America and are known for high performance and a contemporary aesthetic that achieve balance, elegance and