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Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company OCL Architectural Lighting
Lead Designers Andrew Schainker
Completion Date 4/13/2021
Project Location St. Louis, Missouri
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Entry Description

Inspired by the natural beauty and elegance of a flower in full bloom, Petals intentionally mimics the subtle nuance of real flower petals in sunlight with the way the light softly glows and gradates across the petals.

This fixture is equipped with arced petals that are sleek and curved, sparking organic inspiration for composition of the space. The sweeping curve of the petals joins the central hub, pulling the viewer in visually and creating an almost mesmerizing, calming focal point. Soft, comfortable materials and nature-inspired forms combine to soften some of the harsh industrial materials and finishes common in commercial interiors.

Petals works outstandingly as a single statement piece. It can be a central statement fixture over tables or grouped together in clusters to define seating and meeting areas in communal spaces.

But where it really shines is in clusters of multiples, invoking the look of a sculptural garden or a field of blooming flowers in the spring. Petals truly can create a span of art. The fixture is beautifully refined from above and below so any open space becomes a beautiful garden of light.

Available in acrylic and acoustic petal versions.
Company Description

OCL is one with the design community. We provide thoughtful solutions that deliver artistry in light. Driven by passion we push boundaries. We fiercely challenge the ordinary to elevate the experience of everything we do. Unmistakably refined.

Elevating Experiences.

A Brand of Legrand.