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Radius by atris lighting atelier

Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company Dimi Litz
Lead Designers Dimi Litz
Client Atris Lighting Atelier
Photo Credits Atris Lighting Atelier
Completion Date 08.17.21
Project Location Russia
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Entry Description

Dimi Litz - about Malevich collection.
“I made my own research of parallels between Bauhaus movement and Constructivism. Untangling the tangle of historical threads, I reached the art of Kazimir Malevich. I found it as the starting point of a revolution of form, color and their relationship.
Suprematism is based on philosophic treatise with main idea of search for the essential reality. Author denies serving of shape and color of secondary images and takes the characters off the canvas.
I was impressed. The simplicity and the accuracy of the artistic technique was exceptionally clear. I felt that I must transfer this idea to the world of material objects.
Dot, ray, line, circle, triangle and square became a basis shapes. The shapes required a first-rate implementation in the material.
Natural materials are the most noble and emphasizing the philosophy of the collection. Steel and brass were complete with hand picked white marble and black granite.
The most difficult stage was bringing the design to perfection and optimize production. We spent over 8 months to make it as good as it has to be. Step by step we cut off every false detail and made idea shine."
Company Description

Contemporary lighting atelier.

Artwork Essence Light.