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Ooooh Ring

Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company Beta-Calco Inc.
Lead Designers Beta-Calco
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Entry Description

Ooooh Ring refashions the perennial classic ring pendant with an innovative louver design. An assembly of ellipses is incurved within the profile to add a subtle aesthetic and create a sublime lighting effect. The louver system not only tempers the starkness of the commonly exposed diffuser and adds an enchanting decorative feature, but offers visual comfort by minimizing glare.

The injection-molded louvers come in 5 finishes: Black for the highest glare reduction, White for higher reflectance and performance, and for an interior design enhancement, Satin Chrome, Satin Gold, and Satin Champagne.

Ooooh Ring is also available with an acoustic panel in 6 finishes which adds another decorative dimension while offering sound-absorbing functionality.

The body is available in 12 finishes which were selected based on their versatility to a variety of color schemes. Metallic sheens balance out the functional forms with elegance. The wood finishes ground the space with a feeling of warmth. In combination with the louver and acoustic panel finishes, a truly tantalizing luminaire can be configured. Ooooh Ring revolutionizes the minimalist architectural ring into a lighting masterpiece.
Company Description

Since 1941, we have held a passion for designing cutting-edge professional lighting that changes how spaces are illuminated while upholding the enduring principles of quality and craftsmanship.

Our objective is to work in lockstep with our clients by developing innovative products that meet their variegated design needs. Furthermore, our manufacturing infrastructure allows us to scale products and satisfy niche requirements.

Our customer-centric approach to service and product design is the basis of our reputation and how we have become a key lighting supplier across the globe.