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Moment Magnet at Helsinki Outlet

Prize(s) Winners in Outdoor Wall Lighting
Company Lighting Design Collective
Lead Designers Jari Vuorinen
Client Johanna Haltia (Fortus)
Photo Credits Aatu Heikkonen / Inspiroiva Creative
Other Credits Tapio Järvinen (Audico Systems Oy)
Completion Date November 2019
Project Location Helsinki, Finland
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Entry Description
Helsinki Outlet's “thing” is its green areas and lighting.
The lighting has been designed by Lighting Design Collective.
Jari Vuorinen says that Helsinki Outlet's basic lighting is designed to guide the customer path and support the outlet’s logo theme. “The client wanted a tool for indirect communication and marketing. Helsinki Outlet did not want video screens or other traditional AV communications, but we were asked if we would come up with something that would drive the same thing in a new way”.
The end result is a light art work called Moment Magnet.
During the day, the copper tubes on the gray surface of the Helsinki Outlet live according to the weather, reflecting sunlight.
Even in the evening, the work seeks its impetus from its surroundings, and even from current events, but instead of sunlight, it then makes spectacular use of visual means.
It is a kind of Internet Of Things medium in a commercial context: “A work retrieves and utilizes different data. For example, the direction and speed of the wind can affect what is shown in the work. You can also manage it yourself, and the outlet mall can react quickly to a hockey win, for example, through Moment Magnet".
Company Description
We produce individual, ready-to-use lighting solutions consisting of LED modules and lights with the suitable controls for a wide range of tasks.

Our customers are exclusively professional users. In particular, television studios, architects, system integrators and event companies use our products.

Our customers’ projects require comprehensive consulting, reliability and last but not least, premium quality products – and that’s what we deliver!