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Beauty In the Pot, Centrepoint, Singapore

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Light Collab LLP
Lead Designers Yah Li Toh, Michelle Tang Mei Shien
Completion Date 2017
Project Location Singapore
Entry Description

Inspired by the culture of food for health, Beauty in the Pot offers an extensive menu of fresh and nourishing ingredients handpicked by the chefs.
The lighting design concept is a interplay of light and shadow, yin and yang; using light as a backdrop to highlight the delicate Chinese motifs in silhouette. Combination of indirect and direct lighting is used so that elements are accentuated while diffused light softens the shadows.
The warm ambience brings out the vibrant colours of the selection of food and create cosy and casual dining experience for everyone.
High colour rendering and warm colour temperature are used to bring out the warmness of the food, and also the healthy skin colour and complexion of the diners.