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Flat Bubble

Prize(s) Winners in Ceiling Lights
Company Claudia Unterhauser
Lead Designers Claudia Unterhauser
Client Im Zeitlauf
Photo Credits Juergn Eheim
Completion Date July 2021
Project Location Kaltern / Caldaro - Italy
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Entry Description

The Flat Bubble lamp resembles soap bubbles floating around the room. From every side and angle, the glass appears in a different color. An additional rotation of the individual glass elements creates an even stronger impression of varied color nuances.
Due to the unique material, the luminous elements themselves are reflected in the glass, creating a surreal effect.
The length of the lamps can be adjusted, or different sizes can be produced.
The supporting structure of the lamp is made of iron. In the example, the glass is covered with a foil. Alternatively, colored-through glass, such as the Narima glass from SCHOTT, could be used. The glass elements are attached to the supporting structure in such a way that the angles can be adjusted.
The light sources are located next to the glass elements, intensifying the play of colors in this unique ceiling light.